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A lifelong fan of the Celtics, based out of Halesowen, England. I spend my days trawling through game film, writing, and speaking about the Celtics. The team is in my DNA. I’ve been covering the team since Marshon Brooks was part of the rotation, and we still had hope for James Young. I currently write for CelticsBlog and have also had my work and/or podcasts referenced by numerous national media outlets.

Still, being English gives me a unique perspective to covering the Celtics, as I’m not influenced by local sports radio or any of the talking heads that consistently spout off after every loss. Instead, I’m more pragmatic, with a focus on the bigger picture. Sure, there are times when I’m unreasonable - just search my Twitter for my love of Romeo Langford, but for the most part, I always try to be fair in my assessments and my opinions - but I can’t promise they will always be right, or even agreeable.

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I get it! There’s an incredible amount of Celtics-based content available online, and most of it is free. Furthermore, a lot of the content is created by credentialed media members who are in market - rather than an English dude.

However, I’ve been covering this team for a long time, and have a good understanding of their playbook and the player personnel, and bring a different perspective to that of a media member within the Celtics orbit.

Finally, clicking subscribe will help me to continue living my dream. Win-win? I sure hope so!

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Adam Taylor

I am an aspiring sports journalist, currently i'm a lead writer & podcast host for SB Nation's Celtics blog